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Мото дънки светли

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image Мото дънки светли

Anti-slip and fire-resistant Kevlar jeans pants Motorcycle pants with removable protectors 280g / m2, blue

+ Total of 4 outside pockets , 2 thigh pockets and 2 back pockets

+ Material was prepared according to the denim method

+ Stretch inserts above the buttocks and on the knees

+ Lightweight stretchy, soft material

+ 2 ventilation teats on the thighs

+ Dark polyamide PVC Power Stretch Panel Fabric insert in step for more comfort

+ Slip and fire protection

+ The pants are ideal for everyday use thanks to removable protectors on the seat and knees

+ Foam protectors ensure a low weight of the pants

+ Body-like cut

+ Closed at the front with a zipper and button at the waist

+ Includes tabs for attaching a belt

+ Designed and manufactured by German Wear ™

Upper material:

+ 100% cotton

Coating inside:

+ 280g / m2 abrasion resistant Kevlar material made of aramide fibers

+ 60% aramid, 40% polyester.

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